LA – based project Brick Bosso is the brainchild of Keith Walsh, using piano, guitars, synths and virtual music making machines as he described it, he dropped his latest record “Bianca” with guest Eric Endo on “Oh, Macy/Burger Queen/Sz Blues/Thief of Reputation” on the 2nd of May 2022 and today, we’ll dig into it.

With a grand 80s sound dripped in synth “Bianca” opens with “First Girl on The Moon”. The raw vocals backed by spacey upbeat melodies and uplifting dynamics created a mood boost, I would do anything for her to be the first girl on the moon!

Tuning things down a little bit early with the heartfelt ballad “Sweet Scarlett”. It has some sweet emotional piano work and strings reflecting the mood and lyrics with a mellow flow. I thought he’d pick the same pace with the sweet intro of “Oh, Macy!” but, the simple yet energetic keys brought me back to that 80s mood and those rocking solos were a pleasant surprise. “Burger Queen” has a moving groove mixed with its brilliant piano lines and enjoyable bassline. The vocal harmonies were on point at the chorus but from my humble POV, felt like the verse needed a more powerful, alive melody. The guitar effects at the intro of “Sz Blues” gave some psychedelic vibes but, when those guitar licks were laid and mixed with piano and bass the mood went straight to mellow chilling blues, I don’t know if there is a “blues pop” genre but, it’s a great example for that! 

The rocking guitar riff and exciting groovy piano of “Thief of Reputation” made it my favorite. It shows how Brick Bosso can simply twist things around and go in a new direction while keeping his same identity and energy by throwing something like a killer keys solo or a simple melody in the background. The title track “Bianca” shows how much he knows the sound he wants to deliver. The vocal melody is simple and catchy especially at the chorus, the keys and bass were on point as usual but that bells-like part at the verse was a little bit not in sync with the vocals timing at some point which made things a bit confusing from my POV. “Unicorns and Fleas” sums the whole record up, using heavily expressive piano lines in creating what I like to call a “roller coaster” melody with a simple narrative vocal melody in a fluid structure with laidback dynamics that kept things interesting till the end.

“Bianca” is a special experience by Brick Bosso filled with diverse sounds and directions, all wrapped in an unmistakable 80s layer that he knows well how to navigate through. Total support and looking forward to more from Brick Bosso, cheers!