Releasing his fifth album, Austin Texas-based artist ‘One Last Job’ is giving the world “Been Here Ever Since”…an alt-rock album filled absolutely to the brim with instantly iconic melodies, vocal lines, and themes…an album to lose yourself into.

One Last Job is the moniker of artist Travis Klein and collaborator Will Seamans…however, “Been Here Ever Since” has been entirely the work of Travis…he plays all the instruments on the album and composed all the music…

With musical influences from the likes of The Mountain Goats, Phoebe Bridgers, and Death Cab for Cutie, Travis really brings a lot of taste, character, and excellent energy to “Been Here Ever Since”.

The album does have a concept to it, it starts with “Been Here Ever Since, Pt. One” and ends with “Been Here Ever Since, Pt. Two”…acting as bookends…or should I say song-ends to the album.

“Been Here Ever Since”, the album, as a whole, has a lot of alt-rock/punk rebellious energy to its songs…full of power, full of energy, the album hits all the right emotional spots for audiences…

…we also have to say, that the album does have a variety of moods…it has the powerful energetic, and rebellious with songs like “25 to Life”, “Safe Mode” and “Another Night” and mixed in with a more acoustic approach with “Zarathustra”…an absolutely memorable and iconic song, from its mellow vocal melodies to its contrasting powerful acoustic guitar strumming…it’s a wonderful musical trip.

Travis also takes some musical pivots and creates diversity within the album even more with a song like “Where, Still”…a genre-bending song, spanning the spectrum of alt-rock, ambient, pop, and alt-rock…filled with excellent melodies and musical dreamscapes, instantly transporting the audience to a completely new place.

“Been Here Ever Since” is an absolutely stacked album full of melodies, artistic contrast, and energy…with each song, we always felt like ‘what will Travis surprise us with now?’…an excellent alt-rock album that even delivers more than just alt-rock…it delivers musicality.

We wish an excellent 2024 year for One Last Job, Travis already started on an excellent footing.