Italian artist Tomm just released his latest concept album “ATLAS”…with such a towering name like that…comes effort…it took a whole year just to write the music for the 9 tracks of the album.

Tomm is a composer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

It was the idea of exploring the desert rock genre…and it took him to having a concept album with 9 tracks.

With a little spoiler to start with…there’s an interesting piece of info…the first track is titled “Mr. Hyde” and the last song is “Dr. Jekyll”…without even starting the album you get the feeling of a concept album just like that!

“Mr. Hyde” is a fast-paced melting pot of genres…it’s got pop, rock, and indie mixed together with some progressive elements and very interesting sound effects…especially at the end of it…won’t spoil it.

…taking it a notch down on the second song “Love Potion”, Tomm pulls us into this musical trap only to change it up into a fast-paced anthemic pop rock mixed in with some iconic melodic guitar works.

Being one who have majored in Japanese Language studies…the third track kind of caught my eyes because of its Japanese name…”Kintsugi”…and it has such a unique philosophy and meaning to it.

The meaning of the word kintsugi is the process of highlighting the imperfections of a broken item by mending it with gold…such a unique concept.

Tomm’s “Kintsugi” takes a darker musical turn, mixed with more ambient guitar parts…it’s emotionally heavier than what came before it in the album.

Tomm manages to make each song as iconic as possible, with each song having a very distinct character to it through brilliant and catchy melodies.

“ATLAS” continues to mix it up with the emotions, speed, instrumentation and melodies of the songs, it keeps you on your toes and always wondering what the next song hides from you.

…without spoiling any more, Tomm somehow manages to give us 9 completely different songs with catchy verses and explosive choruses…I don’t know how…but the whole album is worth listening to. Every second of it.

We wish all the best to Tomm and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next with his upcoming releases…but “ATLAS” is an absolute joy to experience, not a wasted second.