Allison Riegel

Looking for a new sound for a special-occasion playlist? Half Shadow’s new album, “At Home With My Candles”, is eclectic and unique. Whether is cocktails, pre-drinks, or just playing while casually hanging out. 

The album is a compilation of 10 low-key songs, a fresh genre fusion with hints of psychedelic futurism. Tuned out to sound Lo-Fi, ambient like the main keywords to describe “At Home With My Candles” would be Folk/Alt-Rock, Acoustic.

Even the titles of the songs are poetic, for instance: “Flame (Flower in the Air)”, “Song for the Garden”, or “A Full Day Spent (Between the Worlds)”.

Each track has its own personality, but all of them individually and as a whole showcase Jesse’s experimental lyricism skills and found inspiration in psychology and mythology to create healing music.

Jesse Carsten is the singer/ songwriter behind Half Shadow, based in Oregon, USA. He works with multiple community-oriented DIY labels. Even his videos and artwork are homemade and are entirely inspired by surrealism (Man Ray, Leonora Carrington, Maya Deren, Federico Garcia Lorca). 

“This is 100% DIY. An idiosyncratic Avant-songwriting project that I’ve been creating for 10 years. Dreamy, personal, environmental, and deeply poetic.” –Half Shadow.

Half Shadow’s music is unexpected, dreamy, bewitching and authentic.  A beautiful harmony between the old and the new, a perfect symmetry between different styles and sounds, and definitely a magnificent testimony of Jesse’s soulful writing and composition.

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