Boston has blessed the music scene with some of the most iconic sounds, from The Pixies to Aerosmith, to The Cars to…Boston! 

…and once again, comes an amazing band from the heart of Boston, “Fire in the Field” comes to disrupt the music scene with their latest album “Ash & Cinder”, a bluesy, folky album with heavy shades of riffing and power…this is one album you should not miss at all costs.

Fire in the Field delivers their first musical punch from the very early seconds of the album, with a very charismatic and unique musical voice mixed with a heavy and furious style of soul rock…instantly catching our attention and our hearts.

“Ash & Cinder” is a treasure trove of this brilliant and unique musical fingerprint, with 8 little masterpieces that reside within its walls…

…and let’s seize this opportunity and get to know the amazing brains behind the album…

Jared Graham (Drums)

Jeff Badolato (Bass)

Mike Moore (Vocals/Guitar)

…working with Tony Hamoui co-producing with the band and assistant engineering with Ethan Dussault as lead engineer and Nick Zampiello from New Alliance East mastering the album, giving the ultimate sizzling polish.

Also, the band worked with Andrew Blowen (keyboards & backing vocals), and Lindsay Paige Garfield (backing vocals) to track their harmonies for “Ash & Cinder”…

“Ash & Cinder” has a very unique character…it’s rooted in blues, but delivered through an edgy rockin’ musical route…it’s got the band’s unique feel all over the bluesy roots…and this is what the band said…’ They’re just songs that have the blues deep down in them, even though it’s us doing it in our own feel’

Imagine with me…the blues, but heavy…sprinkled with hints of alt-rock and traces of progressive rock…it’s still blues, but heavy.

The album starts with “Snowblind Blues”…and from the first guitar slide you’ll understand what I’ve been talking about…it’s blues on rock’n’roll steroids…absolutely brilliant, epic, powerful, and has a very tight groove.

“Snowblind Blues” mixes between high-octane riffing and more chill sections, eventually giving us the sweet taste of musical building a couple of times within its runtime of 2 minutes and 41 seconds…a compact concentrated dose of musical brilliance.

…taking a turn with the second track into the folk realm, “The Cycle” sounds completely different on compositional and musical grounds…a real fresh musical plot twist that Fire in the Fields keep playing on us, making the album always sound diverse…and we love that.

“Ash & Cinder” continues to amaze u through its diverse musical ideas, many catchy melodies, and its pure raw emotional power.

We wish all the best to Fire in the Field and we can’t wait to hear what they’re cooking now for the world…we’re sure it’s going to be absolutely mind-blowing.