Space Horses is an American psychedelic rock band from Massachusetts and they’re hitting the music world with a storm in the form of their latest album “Apologia”…this is as complete a rock experience as it gets.

With 7 very charismatic and instantly iconic songs, Space Horses manages to create a fresh and one-of-a-kind musical and lyrical experience for fans of Pink Floyd, Tool, The Black Angels, All Them Witches, Elder, King Buffalo, and Porcupine Tree…you’ll be in rock heaven, whether it’s progressive, alternative or psychedelic, you’ll experience musical bliss.

Formed in 2017 by Kevin Vanderhoof, Gabbi Vanderfood, and Eric Hochwald, Space Horses merged their influences of 60s/70s psychedelic and progressive rock to create “Apologia”.

Space Horses moved to Boston in 2018 and met Eric Hochwald of Moon Machine and found themselves complete in 2023…combining original studio recordings with self-produced drum recordings in Sum Studios.

Their music could be described as genre-bending…and extremely rich in dynamics while focusing also on the lyrics, which explore personal topics, such as life after addiction, loss, religion, and childhood trauma.

“Apologia” was released on December 29th, 2023…and what a release this has been.

Space Horses managed to create a very diverse yet focused album, with 7 songs, Space Horses gave themselves the creative focus to perfect these 7 songs…and they did, while also making sure to keep things always fresh with each song.

They start the adventure with “To Let Go…Absolutely”, which acts as an excellent introduction to both the “Apologia” experience and Space Horses’ unique musicality…mixing between the alternative, acoustic, and psychedelic to create a song that stands tall on its own, but also acts as a bridge that connects our world to the one they created within the album.

“To Let Go…Absolutely” doesn’t yet explore the heavier rock themes of the album…that’s the job of “Haunt”…the third song…which starts building up the heaviness of the guitars and the aggressiveness of the riffs…and paves the way with some excellent electric guitar soloing in its intro…eventually exploding into w heavy riffing machine.

…and for the TOOL fans out there-like me-you’ll come across “Ketoacidosis”…you’ll feel right at home where you love the unusual, eccentric, and unique musical creativity that Space Horses brings to the game…absolute brilliance.

Space Horses’ “Apologia” also makes something I don’t see often, or as much as I would like to…they manage to give each instrument, each sound, each lyric, vocal line, drum beat…every element of their songs…they give is a time and place to shine…

…at the end of this experience, you’ll think “I really felt each element’s potential and each element’s shining moment”…this is exactly what I felt…and felt strongly.

“Apologia” is an absolutely fantastic album that has been made with passion and it shows each and every second…make sure you check it out right away.

Wishing all the best to Space Horses…can’t wait to see what 2024 holds for the amazing band.