In your face!

This is the kind of energy and attitude that you will come across with “Good Hustles”.

It is an established band from Nottingham, UK, and they have been performing alongside accomplished bands like “Conversing With The Oceans”, “JW Francis” and “As December Falls”.

They just got their 8 track EP out on February the 25th, called “Apes” and followed it with a UK tour. Awesome stuff.

…and this time, we will be reviewing this 8 track EP, so let’s bring it on!

The first track you will come across is “Apes”, the album’s titular track.

Setting the scene with this album’s first track, we are in for an energetic punk-rock-alt-rock kind of energy that will make us headbang, jump and shout.

It is a fast and energetic track with a couple of breakdowns that serves as the calm before the storm.

…going into the second track “I Think I am Having a Heart Attack”…with the same energy, almost too same, but again, the tracks are not long, under 3 minutes, so it is easily digestable.

You will encounter hard rock riffs, punchy drum beats and an awesome bass riffing away all in an alt-punk-rock combo of a track.

This is something that will probably get you jumping up and down, and that is always good, especially for a first track, which will get you in the mood right away for the rest of the journey.

Apparently I got what I was looking for with the third track, a drastic change in energy and drive, that is exactly what “Rent Free” is all about!

This track hits so hard and then leaves you out in the open….then hits once again.

The structure is very catchy and the riffs are super heavy with that djenty drop tuned guitars and filtered EQ effects…

Speaking of the structure, this track has several breakdowns and when that happens, it’s like it brings you in for a weird ambient electric kind of mood…but just to suck you back into the heavy world they created once again.

Vocals are awesome with layering that just makes perfect sense.

…not only that, but we also get a melodic guitar solo

The fourth track features another artist, “Conversing With The Oceans”, it’s called “Smile”

We get back o the punk rock roots with this one

Again, driving force with guitar riffs and strong powerful drum beats

Once again, the vocal layers work very well.

“Coffee” is what I usually go for first thing in the morning……and is also the name of the fifth track.

Again and again, the vocal layers just do something different each time, but this time they do this kind of wall-of-sound with the vocal layers.

This song is as energetic as ones before it, however, not as edgy, so it is a change in energy levels that came in time, smart move putting this one here, I like it when the track placement makes sense.

Getting back on the punk-rock-alt-rock horse, we take a ride with the sixth track called “Hold On”.

This song is like a short movie for me…it sounds like it is starting out as if the band is playing a gig somewhere indoors, then goes into the song…and the band just forgets where they are and gets into the music completely.

Energetic drum beats, guitars and vocals…but then the song is about to end and thus the band returns to the real world and to the mood in the beginning, it has this when-the-dust-settles kind of emotion to it and takes you from a whirlwind of a song to an emotional exit…just like a scene in a movie or a music video.

The seventh track also features a guest artist, this time it’s Kerrin Connolley and the track is “Waking Up In Your Clothes”.

We get into a more laid back feeling, but still energetic and has some upbeat fast parts…this time around, the track direction is more life-loving kind of energy, I imagine this song being easily being featured in a movie soundtrack, it is a feel-good song and would fit a feel-good movie.

The last track in the album, starting with some synth pads and reversed sounds tricks you and only then it hits you with energetic drum beats, more this time the drum beats have some sections with more complex beats, I love that.

The track has this bye-bye-till-then feeling going for it….and to my surprise, it actually sends off listeners with a little thank you message, I can’t remember I have witnessed that before. That is something.

Overall, I would highly recommend “Good Hustles” to anyone who needs someone in her/his life that is full of energy and life, someone who will take you to the pub, dance and make you feel awesome at the end of the night. This someone is definitely the guys at “Good Hustles“.

Best of luck to you guys, we wish you all the best and are looking forward to more music and more energy from you!


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