His third album in a decade, John Guidroz sure likes to take his time crafting his music. The results are heartfelt from the roomy warmth of the compositions, the passionate, wide-ranging vocals, clever lyrics, and the earthen instrumental palette. Another Shot is a short but fulfilling treasure trove.

Louisiana-based, John Guidroz is a singer and songwriter whose warm and gentle Americana is nothing short of sublime. 25 minutes long, Another Shot is Guidroz’s 3rd studio album in 12 years. A man of scarce but rich output. Another Shot is 7 songs long, with each song feeling distinctively different from the ones before and after it. The guitars are surely a mainstay throughout the 7 songs, with which John Guidroz showcases his rhythmic skills, alongside his approachable vocal deliveries, which display stunning control and impressive range.

The starter -and title song- is a slow piece of Americana that utilizes chord progressions that sound familiar and charming, alongside Guidroz’s lyrics that are typical for the genre, but with a witty twist. The song’s display of guitars, both acoustic and electric, show Guidroz’s skills on the instruments with crunchy, overdriven solos on the electric, and steady strums on the acoustic. ‘Running’ has a roomy bass and drum section, with the brushed snare giving the song a folk-like atmosphere that’s rich and bright. The driving groove and familiar chords again make for an easy listen that’s exciting and easy to love.

Perhaps the album’s most outstanding moment is ‘Laura’. A modal piece based on a syncopated beat and the unfamiliar-sounding Mixolydian scale, ‘Laura’ is a fantastic showcase of Guidroz’s songwriting skills. A wonderfully left-field song that’s shape-shifting, colorful, and tightly written.

With mixes as lush as the ones found on Another Shot, and with songs as beautifully written, it starts making sense that Guirdoz takes so much time in between his albums. The music on Another Shot is calculated and balanced, and the mixes are wholesome, giving the album a cohesive sound. A fantastic addition to Guidroz’s slowly growing catalog that is bound to attract even more loyal followers on his side.