King Charles is a remarkable musician with a distinctive, poignant voice, a style that merges indie folk and alt-rock and writing that can brighten even the worst emotions and thoughts. On February 11, he released his EP “All I Know Is How I Feel,” which includes four heartfelt singles and charismatic, authentic performances.

The album opens with “12345” and its catchy chorus, infectious, uplifting beats, and energetic, rich vocals with an ambitious tone. Lyrically, the song is inspiring and relevant to anyone who spends some time thinking about life, its meaning, their purpose, and their quest to do something significant, or the idea that life will just go by. A song that has a line like “Love is so filled with pain” is expected to be dramatic, but King Charlie manages to make thoughts and feelings that hit hard feel like a feather weight on the heart. “Oh Mama” has meaningful lyrics performed by vivid, warm vocals and pouncing rhythms, with a surprising, typical gospel-like performance at the end, with the high notes, clapping and all. The title track, “All I Know Is How I Feel,” has bright rhythms that feel like the warm rising sun after a cold night. Its lyrics reveal the fact that one of the most affirmative things in life is how we feel, as we sometimes have to follow a mysterious gut feeling just because that’s what it feels like, and that’s enough. The incredible vocals are energetic, and the addition of female back-up vocals creates the atmosphere of a spiritual hymn. No more saying the regular “I miss you.” We can send King Charles’s “How I Long” instead. Yet the song declares that it’s a love we shouldn’t be missing, even if it hurts. It has such poetic lyrics, with poignant, sincere vocals, a dreamy intro, and the dreamy vibes carry on with the guitar hooks, cascading drums, and the female vocals resonating.

All I know is how I feel, and what I feel now is that this EP is music that most of us will connect with and be glad we heard.


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Viola Karmy