Joe McAdam

‘Age of Strangers’, Sukh’s latest album, explores different topics like polarisation, falling out of pain, personal conflicts, the impact of social media and the breakdown of respectful dialogue.

‘Age of Strangers’ lyrics as a whole are as raw as they get. Nine songs that clock under 40 minutes, each holding a strong, individual identity. All of them treating relatable, day-to-day topics.

‘Don’t Fall Behind’, the album’s first song, talks about social media and how people use it to mirror a life they wish they had, pretending to be happy. The lyrics go like this:

“Follow me, follow me,

don’t go your own way.”

The track that gives name to the album, ‘Age of Strangers’, is the most upbeat song of the lot. A tune kneen towards the Classic Rock.

‘Rendezvous’ is a dreamy, romantic tune that invites you to close your eyes and daydream about old love stories.

‘Make It Stop’ touches on competition, the need always to be the best person in the room, your social circle and your head. No matter the cost.

‘Exile’ song is a delicate piece for heartbreaks and heartbroken memories. A piano takes the lead, while a female and a male voice, with the latter being the predominant one, sing along together and have a conversation.

‘Duel’ plays on the acoustic side, while the vocals are bouncy and playful, describing a story of how people can develop relationships and all their uncertainties.

For more, you’ll have to have a listen yourself. But, one thing is certain –this album offers something for everyone, whether a message or a sign, a new favourite track or a whole album or a new perspective on how society works.

A doctor and a singer-songwriter, Sukh demonstrates a great deal of knowledge and talent in composition, keeping each piece original, unique and engaging. He showcases a lot of potentials and a lot of actual talent, and with this, he promises more great music is coming our way.