Photo by Julie Ream

When it comes to debut albums…I’m always excited…and when you tell me it’s an alt-rock album, the excitement goes up…then I find myself listening to ‘The Local 12‘, the New Jersey based group…I’m in rock heaven…and it’s called “Abandon”.

“Abandon” takes all that is absolutely wonderful about alt-rock and fuses it together to give the world a truly unique experience…from the the get go, The Local 12 starts on a very bright note with their first song on the 10 track album, “Wave At The Window”…a song that is uplifting, melodic and filled with stories…which also happens to have a pretty smooth piano solo…and a guitar solo that rock.

…from there, The Local 12 keeps up on our toes, mixing it up and keeping it fresh with “Godforsaken”…even a more story-oriented song…taking a hybrid direction between bar jazz, film score and sound design…an absolutely magnificent musical achievement on all levels…and the vocal are just, perfect…I can’t say it enough, I absolutely love the sound engineering in the album, but specifically with “Godforsaken”.

With each song and step of the way along this journey of an album, The Local 12 always maintains the ‘wow factor’, wowing us with each song…because of the diversity and because of always maintaining an extremely high quality output…

The Local 12 gives me iconic vibes…vibes that I feel when listening to Blur, Nirvana and Steely Dan…The Local 12 has that mojo, that fire in them that makes them iconic.

The more you go into the album “Abandon”, the more you’ll be surprised…how can these guys have so much diversity and a multi-genre approach like this?

10 songs that always keeps it fresh, this is a huge win…and The Local 12 got this win with their debut album “Abandon”…just think what they’ll do with the next one!

Wishing all the best to the brilliant people at The Local 12…and make sure to check out their debut album “Abandon” right away…10 brilliant songs, neatly wrapped into an album.