Here comes” Chris Thorogood”, his first album in the field of music directly to us

“Chris Thorogood” is a Canadian artist who grew up in Toronto, and it was a dream to create his album, but most of the time, life conditions are challenging to achieve our demands.

But Chris Thorogood kept fighting this and repeatedly trying until he reached the result that we will hear today, the album “A Very Special Christmas Wish”.

It is an album that tells and highlights the holidays that you have never celebrated, and this is a title in which Chris Thorogood tells his story as a music artist. 

A story about the events he went through and how many difficulties affected him and ultimately made him leave his dream for some time. Despite all odds, he purchased his goal of producing more music in the end.

“Chris Thorogood” loves to tell stories. In this album, he speaks about the holidays you’ve never celebrated, things you see with your own eyes but can’t enjoy, and Chris Thorogood mixes lyrics with his music to tell these stories through nine tracks and how much diversity there is. On the album, in terms of music and lyrics, Chris Thurgood dives into the blending of genres, offering a mixture of indie, pop, rock, and electro. In addition, Thorogood’s performing talents prove his creative power as the versatile artist simultaneously navigates between being a musician, producer, beatmaker, and singer.

The album talks about the journey of self-discovery, healing, and seeing the truth from different angles. Chris Thorogood discusses this through words that express the situations and struggles he has gone through and that you can always find more within you to discover yourself and reach inner peace to heal yourself. By dividing some life experiences in a meaningful form, with a beautiful voice and different rhythm divisions.

The songs have incredible energy and make you dance to independent rock tunes, and Chris has created his mark through his writing ability and guitar melodies. This modern rhythm is mixed with the classics of arrangement.

A special Christmas wish is Chris Thoroughod’s vocal journey using music to get himself back into shape after years of battling health issues. Chris Thurgood invites us on this journey as he combines excellent melodies with creative lyrics, danceable rhythms, and enchanting performances.


Edited by: Mercedes Thomas

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