From the frigid north, and in the midst of a global pandemic, this album of astonishing beauty was birthed, and 2 years later, it gets released for us to drool over… or at least, we should.

Evran is based in Bergen, Norway. A store manager, a fiancé, and a father of two, he also manages to make some effervescent and airy music of ultimate quality. On the surface, it seems like Evran has many talents, and time management is chief among them. A Perfect Day is an album that talks about the elusive perfect day. A day that almost all of us seek, or live in the shadow of, a futile chase, and a bony shelter. His music was extremely difficult for me to categorize. I kept leaping all across the spectrum from ambient, to pop, to indie, to prog, until I reached a comfortable conclusion to just sit down and listen, and I was greatly rewarded. This album is a deeply rich and personal listen, having been wholly written, produced, and engineered by the man himself. So, let’s take a deeper look.

The titular starter, an ambient piece dominated by Evrans lulling baritone hums and croons. A memorable, bleak introduction that’s fitting for such a unique and diverse album. The kick drum is a slow heartbeat, and the vast, shifting pads are gliding icebergs. I Miss The Way You Smell At Summer is the first “real song” on the record. The shuffling, stuttering beat adds color to the airy, expansive pads and the adventurous composition. Evran’s singing is lush and energetic, and the power of the arrangement is intoxicating. Birds of Stone is built around a Radiohead-esque piano line. An impressive composition, with an equally impressive vocal part. High reaching and slow-burning, the song takes a moment to build, with a writhing guitar line getting introduced almost 2 minutes into the song, along with a grooving bassline, and a solid beat, elevating this song to ecstatic heights that would favorably compare with the grandest Radiohead arrangements. A marvel of self-production. Danny throbs with a charismatic synth bass that drives the song, along with a tight beat. A wrought-up piece of ambiance music. Minimal, confident, and distinctive. I Forgot You Were Gone (Part.1) features a characterful, deep piano part that’s icy, dissonant, and foreboding, yet full of taste and quite hauntingly written. Just Like The End has a remarkable vocal delivery that audibly tests Evran’s upper reaches. It’s an energetic stunner, with sweet clean guitar and sparkling piano arpeggios. The penultimate I Lie Awake at Night might very well be the leading single off of this release. With a larger-than-life prog sound, an impressive, ever-growing arrangement, and a rich vocal part that’s equally satisfying and effortlessly delivered, this song has all the features of the prominent single. The solid drum and bass groove, and the delicate guitar arrangement are positive additions to this arena-sized masterpiece. The album finishes in a similar fashion to the one it started with. I’m Warmed By The Tone Of Your Voice is an eerie, yet serene waltz that sends this album off with a memorable flair.

It’s extremely important to keep in mind the fact that Evran totally self-produced this album, painstakingly, over the course of two years. Due to financial limitations, not out of a spoiled desire. All of this contribute to making this release a pointer towards a truly passionate, dedicated, and ultimately, supremely talented artist. Evran work is commendable on this sublime, easy-to-recommend piece of art.