Credit: Laura-Lynn Petrick

Iran-born, Toronto-raised songwriter Päter released her debut album 4-7 Company (four to seven company) is an album exploring solitude between 4-7 pm, focusing on cycles, self-reflection, and inner thoughts. Let’s find out.

Parmida Kakavand, known as Päter, after her acclaimed two EPs decided to work and release her debut LP. 4-7 Company showcases a high-quality talent with her incredible songwriting and emotive vocals. I noticed that the album has a nice diversity that includes well-crafted pop, indie, rock, and alternative vibes. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the musicianship of the album is one of the most important aspects to lead this album to success.

The album’s lyrical topic itself is unique. In fact, it’s one of the issues that I thought about myself. It’s the time of the day when you are alone and thoughts start playing with your head. Päter says, “Two years ago I flew out to Nanaimo, BC to record my first LP with Howard Redekopp + a small team of incredible musicians. It has been a labour of love to prepare it for you and I’m so excited to finally share it today. It’s called 4-7 Company (four to seven company) and it’s about the solitary hours between 4 and 7 PM, as day turns into night, when you’re alone with your thoughts and anything can happen. It’s an album about cycles, self, and the critters inside. Who are you when you’re alone?”

Päter collaborated with Howard Redekopp, known for work with various artists, to co-produce 4-7 Company. They sourced a vintage piano to enhance the songs’ intimacy during the recording process. This incredible collaboration created a unique record that has a vintage spirit along with a modern touch.

Päter is set to perform at CMW 2024 in Toronto. During the summer of 2024, Päter will embark on their first tour, bringing their lively and energetic show across Canada, the US, and possibly beyond. Personally, I believe that Päter will emerge as a prominent pop-rock figure in the global music arena in the near future. Take a listen to “4-7 Company” and experience its beauty.