Remember the Zagazig guys who held two concerts in the big city of Cairo a couple of years ago and grabbed everyone’s attention? Yes sir I’m referring to the melodic death metal band Al-Azif, who rocked the stage of Sakkia twice when they decided to go live after releasing their 1st Ep called “”Claiming the sand throne”” in 2012.

Don’t let the title fool you, they came back with full force. “Cull the Meek” is their ticket back to the spotlights, a track from their upcoming album,”Singularity”, which indicates the path this band took from day one.

They didn’t drop the gloomy dark mood of their previous music, a factor visible in the intro till the drum line kicks in, taking the track’s pace up and paving the way to the vocal line which sounds much better than before, “Zac Hassan” moved from normal not-so-recognizable growls to an acceptable growling sound merged with “Mikael Stanne”-like harsh lines.

How about we take a closer look…well…listen on the drumming? As per the rough mixes ROCK ERA exclusively listened to from the other tracks in the album, the band’s drum style went from mere blasts and easy counts to multi-breaks in narrow counts; a style of playing that grants the listeners more technicality and heavy beats. Quality recording is a rare currency in underground music especially in Egypt, which was a major reason why the previous album of the same band was a bit amateur-ish in contrary to this production’s quality.

Long haired metal heads will have so much fun with this track, for there are a bunch of down-tempos to get your whiplashes going, I’m talking to you girls.

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