Norway based Mags Kolstad has released his latest single “Ain’t That The Truth” under his musical project name Magnetic Heartland on the 18th of this August…a folk, country, soft rock ballad that is full of heart and has a message to spread…let’s dive a bit deeper and look closely into this lyrical experience of a song.

Mags is a songwriter and producer…he went exploring within himself and came out with a very personal musical experience…that is “Ain’t That The Truth”…actually it was too personal that he got a chance to submit it for a Hollywood project where they were looking for this kind of song…but Mags wanted to invest in its production more and it felt way too personal for him to just let it go.

Now that Mags has taken his time…we think that this was the right way to go, because we can feel all the nuances of an emotional trip through the song’s music and lyrics.

Speaking of the lyrics, Mags actually wrote the lyrics in a time that he didn’t imagine will reflect the future, which is now the present that we’re living…but it did…and his conclusion and message to everyone is to give it our all to create a new and a better world instead of lamenting on how good it was during the good’ol’days.

The musical production surely shares a lot of the spotlight with the vocals and lyrics because it is of a very high quality standard…it’s super polished, yet still has its raw emotions intact without being colored with the triple A production standards…it is a very unique mix of raw and polished feeling at the same time.

“Ain’t That The Truth” went down the folk country indie soft rock road…a road not taken often, however with some additions of string sections and some marching snares, it feels so rich and elevates the whole sonic experience of the song.

…and let’s forget the beautiful slide guitar that whenever it plays it steals the show…mesmerizing.

The vocals are gritty, emotional and full of heart…along with the backing vocals it shines extremely bright in this musical journey.

“Ain’t That The Truth” is a highly recommended lyrical and musical experience that will capture your heart and soul…check it out right now.

Wishing Mags and Magnetic Heartland all the best in the world, we can’t wait to experience the new musical experiences he’s preparing as we speak.