A Latino soundscape, a euphoric sound, and a dark storytelling, all in Aza Brown‘s latest single, “Afterthought.”

The British singer-songwriter, Aza Brown, is undoubtedly a prolific artist who knows his way around making addictive music. In May, exactly on Friday the 13th, he released “Afterthought,” and while some might consider this day to be bad news, Brown certainly changed that with his single and its Spanish, dancy flavor.

What makes “Afterthought” so remarkable is that all of the elements are top-notch! It’s difficult not to notice and be drawn in by every detail in this astounding production. Lyrically, it tells a significant story and touches that part of you when you once felt abandoned and wondered if you weren’t good enough. However, it doesn’t take a heartbroken maneuver; it goes strongly from melancholic lines, such as in the first verse: “Was I only just an afterthought? … to the one that got away,” to powerful and vindictive, as it is highly shown in: “Increasingly I’ve fantasized about your misery, and now you wallow in obscurity, until we all forget your name.”

It may contain dark lyricism, but the rest of the elements are quite the opposite. The exquisite vocals keep the song balanced; they evoke the bitter tone of someone feeling sorry for themselves while as well having an empowering feel to them. They also fit the sound and are as light as the summer breezes. The sound, on the other hand, has been crafted to have you move delightfully throughout the song. The acoustic-driven melody, the mix of Art Rock, Power Pop, Psychedelic, and the Spanish and Mexican ambiance, with the splendid retro guitar riffs, all work together to fascinate you and get you on your feet. Even if you’re a terrible dancer, you start dancing Salsa, Mambo, or Tango with all goofiness and joy, picturing yourself as the best dancer out there and simply enjoying the rhythm.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and if you don’t know how, learn so professionally with Aza Brown and his anthemic piece “Afterthought,” and feel yourself being lifted to cloud nine.