On the lookout for a spot of high-octane indie rock with an edge of pop punk and pop rock, look no further than Zack Robertson’s latest release ‘Adrenaline’.

Based in Exeter in the United Kingdom, Zack Robertson is a singer and songwriter whose sound on this latest release of his comes across as a healthy-sounding fusion of many pop, punk, and rock colors. Healthy, fuzzy, loud, and confident. Robertson’s songwriting is classical in that way of using conventional song structures and commonly used tonalities. The major scale-based composition sounds accessible and familiar. But how Zack stands out is through his distinctive lyrics, vocals, and melodic composition. 

From a dazzling vocal melody that sees Robertson effortlessly bringing forth his sweet message of love, to a layering of guitars that blends in the overdriven, scruffy chords and the subdued lead melody in a tasty tapestry that is reminiscent of shoegaze in how much of the focus is put onto the distorted chords, leaving us scratching our heads looking for where that buried melody is coming from. Make no mistake though, the mix on the song is terrific, with punchy drums and fuzzed-out guitars. 

‘Adrenaline’ is an aptly named spot of musical abandon from a charismatic songwriter who has an accessible identity that helps make his songs easy to love and to repeat, and this song, ‘Adrenaline’, is exactly that.