Adham Roshdy hits us with yet another groovy-funky track entitled ‘There’s no one like you’.
In this track, Adham features really cool artists; the lyrics written by Candy, and guitars by Ramy Sedky.

Adham Roshdy’s singing abilities are heightened. While listening to this song, it kinda took me back in time and I felt like being in the peak of jazz era.
His vocals was beautifully surrounded by Ramy Sedky’s music which produced a very nice chemistry. Especially I loved the outro where Candy and Amr Galal created a harmony in the backing vocals as the song came to an end.

The lyrics are very simple with a touch of romance – it made me really smile throughout the song. In this verse:

“Now it’s our time to live
Give me all you have to give
Whatever you throw my way Baby,
I can handle it…..because
There’s no one like you”

You can sense how Adham reaches the peak of his singing, followed by an epic guitar solo stocked with a sensational hip.
It’s a really fun track to listen to and I really enjoyed it. Take a listen down there…