You seldom find an original funk rock song, only in clubs where bands pay some tributes and covers that suits that clubbing atmosphere. But Adham Roshy, along with other talented and dedicated musicians thought to it to the next level through ‘Rat Race’.

As soon as the music started it reminded me of the golden age of music, the drums goes and heavy riffs groves harmonies with it. With the second verse; the guitar and bass lines give different feelings and compliments the vocals very well.

A pre-chorus followed by a very catchy chorus that didn’t only depend on the vocal line, but they did a whole music theme to give you the whole image.
An expected, a very rockin’ solo by the wild, Ramy Sidky with a great technique of soloing giving you the exact funky theme you’re looking for.

The lyrics, to me were very metaphorical, comparing busy life with rat races. It’s not a difficult metaphor to get, the words were perfectly chosen. And you’d feel that the issue is too deep to be discussed in Funk Rock song, nope! Think again. We asked Adham Roshdy to comment on the lyrical theme of the song, and this is what he said:
“Well, you see, I’m all about Rock and Funk, so Funk Rock is one of my latest forms of expression. The lyrics mainly talk about how we get caught up in the daily routine of existing and coping with the fast wheels of modern living. We are too caught up with trying to cope with living that we forget about living. And one day; one wakes up and realizes that life has just passed by in a second, and there wasn’t any time spent in neither, living or even appreciating the beauty of life.” 


“Rat race. Run faster faster, collect the coins
Rat race. You’re always in the wrong direction
Rat race. Run faster faster, no time to smile
Rat race. You only cross the finish line, the day you die”


We really enjoyed this track, and heard it over and over again because of, literally, everything!

Written by: Mena Ezzat and NJ Bakr