The spirit of RNR was perfectly presented by Adham Roshdy’s ‘High on You’! Roshdy has been recognized recently for his classic , funk, and hard rock songs for the past five years.

It was surprising within the Egyptian music scene to see a marvelous heavy metal singer doing stunning funky rock tunes. ‘High on You’ is the latest release by Adham Roshdy which features Sherif Watson on guitar, also performing tge solos, and lyrics written by Candy. Adham recorded the main vocal and all back vocal lines of the track, in addition to his composition and arrangement which was delivered beautifully.

I’d like to bring in the spotlight the combination of spirit of rock music with modern singing techniques is touchable giving an awesome experience to the listener. The track was released about two weeks ago through his YouTube channel within a music video playing footages demonstrating and visualising the song’s main idea.

As the song gives a very delightful mood, I wanted to ask him about the song process and what it meant to him; “I love the positivity associated with the lyrics, and I felt it should be reflected in the music. And when I started working on it, I felt inclined towards a more pop-rock feel.”

Also, as I was very curious about composition, arrangement, and recording process; “In my solo project, I compose and arrange all the music but I usually love to get my friends to record those lines that I composed, not speaking of guitar solos of course, but I’m talking about rhythm guitars. Cause it gives this different colour when somebody else says your own sentence, it’s you but in a different tone and I like that. However, solos are always composed or improvised completely by the featured artist.” He uttered.

If you listened to the the song chorus you would find that it’s marvelous and very catchy to ears;

“High on You
keep doing what you do
Want you here with me
‘Cause I’m High on You

Go on
Set me on the chase
Gonna Go
Through it all
Baby, just for a taste”

The ending of the video dedicates special thanks to many of his friends also studios he used for this release, and they’re Bandmakers Studio, Matthias Groenereld, Evolution Studios, Mike Bird, Coverr, Milan Wulf, Mihai Surdu, Gianni Crestani, Luis Alberto, Nathan Osman, Sergey Klimkin, HaGe, Alexandra München, Gustavo Manuel, Orlando, Myriam, Alexander Helbig, Hans Braxmeier, Simon Steinberger, Mike Steinkamp, Wolfgang Zimmel and smart move to dedicate thanks to who watched the song too and his fans. “Speaking of the music video, out of professional courtesy, I believe I should have mentioned the names of the people who had an input in the lyric video.” He stated.

Finally, I see the song as very good and motivational and gives a nice boost for people who want some enthusiasm to continue trying to achieve their goals. I see it as an open lyric-theme song, which everyone is going to understand based on his personal circumstances that s/he faces in life.

As always, I am waiting his next release…


Edited by: Bishoy Nader