Drawing attention to “the musings of a lesser-discussed yet hugely impactful historical figure” as described by the band, the Italian group Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice dropped their single Ada on the 26th of October 2022 in collaboration with vocalist Silvia Criscenzo, honoring the memory of the mathematician and scholar Ada Byron. Let’s dig deep into it together.

Ada opens with a floating dreamy melody that promises a bright colorful tune with an open sound. Its smooth flow slowly carries the listener to a powerful expressive verse, with a swaying groove and well-arranged, and layered instrumentation in a subtly dynamic structure. It has a soft laid-back groove that easily takes over your senses, and will get you unintentionally moving with its enjoyable engaging bass lines, spacey guitar melodies, chilling percussions, and melodic poppy synths and keyboards. Ada has a fluid progression that kept pushing Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice‘s sound into a bigger, more open one as they lay note after note and melody after melody, with a diverse vocal delivery that shook its dynamics and twisted its mood. 

Ada is a chill uplifting tune that can give you a break from all the negativity that surrounds us nowadays, it has an easy-going flow with a big sound and dynamic structure that keeps on moving and evolving from the first to the last note. Keep it up Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice, cheers!

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