Well, “Across the Bright Side of the Moon” is similar to his previous releases as you can find similarity in the atmosphere, still, I believe this one is one of his best. The psychedelic atmosphere over here is unique and it took me on a different bohemian ’60s spiritual journey. I highly suggest that progressive and psychedelic, as well as vintage rock lovers, listen to it, well, you may dislike the duration because you rarely find 21 minutes long songs these days, right? In fact, we’re living in an era that doesn’t give art what really deserves… everything become fast and tasteless! Maybe this is why I love the sensation of Steven’s music. I believe the common method for musicians while songwriting is working on a melody and later naming it, but here Steven did one of the hardest techniques as he named it first and later started to work on his ideas “The name and concept were cemented before recording. It always feels like a creative laboratory when I twitch the various power sources on. “ – Steven explained. I should point at the atmospheric sound elements over here too, it’s a great mix of art-rock, psychedelic school among other styles really, and there’s a sense of fuse in song scales which provides a charm for the whole composition “With so many ideas and electronic toys at my disposal with the guitar as an extension of my spirit, I really have to take note and be careful that the music flows. This recording took on a life of its own.” – He added. Feel the beauty below!

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Mena Ezzat 


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