Donnette band released ‘Ache in My Bones’ at the beginning of March 2022. A Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues triangle-blend with the most soulful lyrics that will play in and with your heart.

“I wish I would’ve known

A love like this would ache in my bones

I wish I could say

Come back and spend one more day.”

Kim’s vocals are outstanding, with a heartfelt pronunciation and a remarkably euphonious voice and intonation. She clearly knows how to sing out each letter of each word and fill in the gaps and connect each verse to the next.

The female-fronted, heart-on-sleeve Blues/ Rock band has exceeded expectations. Thanks to solid teamwork and authenticity, the composition crafts and musicianship work when represent what Classic Rock and Blues are all about.

Even more, her vocals connect and engage from beginning to end. Showcasing clear skills in adding dynamics, controlling high notes, and working her way through a song alongside the instruments’ melody.

We just simply couldn’t have forecasted such a fantastic piece. Knowing how to make a sorrow story sound so good and turn it into a lyrical ballad deserves to be called a masterpiece.