Ask Carol

Ask Carol is a Norwegian-based duo with an extremely fierce sound, a dark approach, and uniqueness that adds so much to the alternative rock scene. 

The duo considers “AC I: Control You” to be their debut album after they spent the last 2 years rebranding and reinventing the band. They started recording their album during the lockdown and were stuck in Carol’s home, Auma; a Norwegian mountain community with a small population, leaving them in a state of isolation and solitude that reflected highly in their music and the overall aesthetic of the album. 

The 18-track album is extremely varied in terms of style, genres, elements, mood, and even lyrics. It’s very diverse and covers different aspects of life and states of mind that we all went through at some point, in other words, there’s a song for everyone. The overall ambiance of their music is contradicting in more ways than one; some songs have a softer, more empathetic character like “Quiet One”, while others are more intense, challenging, and rebellious like “Pressure’s On” and “Mountains of Cash”. Some tracks were too standing out like “Tonight” with its powerful intro and distinguishing guitar lick, and “Control You” with its seductive feel, edginess, and determination. In such a short time some songs reached over 14K streams on Spotify like “Mountains of Cash” and “Tonight”.

Overall, I couldn’t help but notice how remarkable and strong the drumline is, along with the bizarre, powerful, and unique vocals, not to mention the well-coordinated guitars and how standing out they are in terms of riffs, licks, and progression. The album was released under the band’s Indie record label, ChoVan Records and are currently planning a tour in October and November that you don’t want to miss if you’re close by.