Their song is a typical “stick it to the man” type of situation, where you pick a certain person/image – this time being upper –class people – and tell them to shove it and that they are “lame”. And of course no rock and roll song would be complete without trying to stick hell anywhere in the mix! Common guys, really?

And the video, the glorious video, FIRE (typical), WOMEN (typical), and let’s make the women look more dangerous, PUT SPIKES ON THIER BOOBS AND WEIRD PERCINGS ON THEIR FACE (typical, typical). How about we create a small story with a middle class polite worker and get him sucked in the hard core rock world and get him mesmerized by it – never heard that one before – oh and a side note; the pouring liquid on the boobs thing only works if the material is soakable, other than that, it just makes the spikes look shiny.

I believe that there is some sort of talent hidden somewhere in all the flashiness, but these guys need to find their own image and their own voice, instead of following everything they have seen all their lives, but I just got bored from the first 30 seconds, if I wanted to see something like this I would go see those who have done it well, the old and the greats. Try again guys!


Written by: Aya Fetouh


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