Death metallers Truth Devoid just dropped their latest BRUTAL single “Absolution in Savagery” on the 7th of August 2022 and it is A BANGER. Brutal vocals, killer raw riffs, dense bass, and exploding drums will surround you the way every death metal fan wishes for. 

With machinegun blast beats and raw grinding riffs, Truth Devoid opened “Absolution in Savagery”. The verse has a shifting pace and groove that made it REALLY HEAVY especially with those attacking riffs and extremely brutal vocals. It has a relentless flow that kept me headbanging from start till end, even at the super melodic solo. “Absolution in Savagery” has an enjoyable structure with unpredictable shifts that maintained its brutality and heaviness with the help of Truth Devoid’s technical merciless riffing. The drumming was insanely mesmerizing, especially the blasting that led to the exploding outro totally blew my mind.

“Absolution in Savagery” is an intense dose of brutality with an artistic technical touch only death metal fans can get. Truth Devoid managed to deliver extreme heaviness and killer grooves for the whole 3:24 minutes, going relentlessly and smoothly from riff to another with light-speed blast beats and deep growls, crafting a true gem for any extreme metal lover. I’ll be definitely keeping an eye on Truth Devoid, looking forward to your full length, cheers!