“ABSOLUT” stands for A Brief Story Of Life’s Unspoken Truths and it’s a testament to what an artist has to say in times of isolation and silence. Sounding like an operatic performance from the musical theater and throwing into the mix some rap, “ABSOLUT” is a fictionalized retelling of identity and perseverance. The song is accompanied by a stellar music video with some sultry tango dance numbers and a theatrical feel to the performance both body and sound. Although it’s a very post-modernist track, “ABSOLUT” is too authentic to alienate listeners not familiar with the genre flip. Too grounded to estrange and too rebellious to conform, Quantum found themselves one big break, a prize winner at a time when many musical numbers are losing footing.
Quantum might not have reinvented the wheel but they surely stirred it to the opposite direction. Working their way through a cloudy, unpredictable music scene, they defy uncertainty with a track about sympathy and compassion at times of crisis.


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Jaylan Salah