NRY’s latest single ‘A world collides’ comes as the third clip from their studio album titled ‘On / Off’. A rowdy, well-meaning rock cut that drips with charisma, melancholy, overdriven rhythms, and attitude. 

Based in Dortmund, Germany, NRY is a newly formed punk and rock three-piece outfit composed of brothers Jens and Lars Kriegel on guitars and bass, respectively, and Chris Broer on the drums. Their wide-reaching influences make their music sound lively and fresh, full of guitar layering, vocal hollering, precise beats, and a terrific mixing job. ‘A world collides’, their third and latest release from their album, is a song that populates a place in the spectrum between rock and punk. A melodic song laced with a tinge of bittersweet melancholy, yet with jubilant and colorful guitars, and a rock-solid rhythm section. 

The accompanying clip, and its goofy puppet character, are unique enough to stand out, and the music is extremely compelling and entertaining, not to mention sounding solid and tight throughout the song’s healthy 5-minute runtime. Wonderfully orchestrated also, with a detailed song structure that sees backing vocals come in and out, multiple thunderous drum fills dividing between those sections, and a nuanced arrangement that fully utilizes a warm organ line, as well as a litany of different guitar lines. A beautifully calculated affair of the heart.

‘A World Collides’ managed to whet my appetite for more from this fresh German trio. So with them having just released their full-length album, I’m in luck! And their reminding me of another fantastic rock act from Germany, The Notwist, is a well-earned bonus.