For me, I always joke about wanting to go to Saturn (although it doesn’t support life as we know it) and hearing “A Very Different Dessert” felt like I had just landed there and found the planet was like a huge jungle and its people (who think I’m an alien) were doing some sort of ritual with clothes made of freakish colors, leaves of trees, harmonic humming, and charming melodies. It was such a bummer being dragged back to earth when the track ended. It has a mysterious, epic, wild adventure sense to it that draws you in with passion. The melodies are funky and uplifting, making the energy scale in your system break its limits. It all works together to take you on your customized journey; the saxophone with its poetic, jazzy atmosphere, the groovy guitar riffs that lead the way, and the dazzling, playful, ascending vocals that will make you vibe along. Nothing is out of place, and all the elements are well arranged to produce a masterpiece.

A journey you’d never have imagined, even in your wildest dreams, can be yours and its cost is pressing the play button below.


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Viola Karmy