This is an album where each song both plays an important part as an individual piece and as part of the bigger picture. Even more, every song has its own mood, ambience and story.

Even the vocals seem to be from different singers on each tune, but it is all Tim’s hard work, managing to transform each song into an individual entity.

A nine-song album of Acoustic, Folk and Rock by the UK-based musician Tim Eveleigh.

To give an idea of the different characters and tunes found in ‘A Record’, these are some of the songs and their characteristics:

‘Overture’ is a clear, sweet lullaby, on the other hand, ‘Drones’ is a very bittersweet chant about war, the greediness of the purpose behind it, and the horrible consequences it brings.
‘Binary’ beautiful acoustic intro.

‘Good’ is a soft, gentle, elegant song that is borderline Blues, more than Acoustic or Folk, and ‘Touch’ is a proper romantic, acoustic and aural song that with the subtle and sweet notes of a saxo, makes you close your eyes and daydream about that special someone.

The tempo of the songs and lightness of the vocals transform this album into a suitable choice for any situation: driving, studying, hanging out, etc.

Every song adds a different dynamic, almost like traveling from one universe to a whole different one. Thanks to the variety of sounds provided by this talented artist, the ear meets notes from guitar, piano, harmonium, bass and cajon.

For the record, it just takes a very professional and skillful artist to be so dynamic and multifunctional, plus engaging their audience, from the beginning to the end.

Tim has previously played at Greenbelt Festival in 2013, and A single (In Kilnsea) was used on BBC World in 2020.