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In my opinion, losing faith in God, yourself, and others could be the worst thing that ever happens to you. Isaiah Singer tries through his latest track ‘A Prayer For the Living’ to express this point clearly to those who have lost faith and getting lost; “and is part of a re-evaluation of the aftermath of the songwriter’s upbringing in a sect of Evangelical End Times enthusiasts.” 

Musically, ‘A Prayer For the Living’ is one of those easy-listening tracks, led by a tight guitar line with slow-burning beats. The melody will stick out easily in your head, and start to sing along and feel its vibes. Isaiah’s musical input is very impressive and professional indeed. The music is like a great mix of nowadays alternative input merging with 90’s influences. Impressive indeed! You can find his well-made experience through his music. I believe that he applied the term ‘short and sweet’ perfectly in just a two-minute track. What I feel that it’s very powerful here is the message behind the song, and I love how he tries to use the music in a direction to get back to faith and the roots that we all raised on. Which is very hard to find nowadays in our digital modern world. 

According to his press kit, he will be releasing new music next year which is talking about the salvation from the devil’s nowadays music. Well, check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments below.