Bexx Chin

Many follow the crowd, but few create their own paths; how do they do so? Garland Kelley’s latest single, “A Mind of Your Own,” provides the answer. By creating his own spectacular soundscape of the finest alt-rock, he’s offering the right way to be genuine.

“Be the change you wish to see.

Have a mind of your own.

Seek to question everything.

Have a mind of your own.

Don’t be confined, be self-defined.

Have a mind of your own.”

Gandhi had once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And now the Nashville-based artist Garland Kelley emphasizes the golden advice with his organic rock sound in the chorus of his fresh song “A Mind of Your Own.”

Garland is an alternative rock musician and music producer who obviously cares about creating meaningful, resonant music. He delivers high-quality sound and themes that effortlessly connect with the listener on all levels.

“A Mind of Your Own” has it all: the fiery musicality, the profound lyricism, and the enticing performance. There is no overlap between the elements; they all work together to create a masterpiece that serves as an anti-brainwashing tool.

Simple chords kick off the single, but as it progresses, it evolves into an electrifying sonic bliss. The guitar work, especially the solo part, is a pure lush treat, and along with the bouncy drumming, it gets you good to go changing your world. It feels like an emotional rollercoaster as the pace speeds up and slows down along with the passionate vocal performance that embodies each lyric well.

Leaving the best for last, while each component of the song is authentic, Kelley’s vocals are elsewhere! He has the ability to alter and give multiple timbres: powerful, tender, zealous, amiable, and encouraging. He knows how to deliver a message!

All it takes is one listen, and you’ll be pumped up to learn more about how to be your true self and to follow Garland Kelley, waiting for his musical marvels.