“A Million Monkeys” is the latest single by the Vancouver-based band “Gnarfunkel.” It’s an infectious song with lyrics like no other. It has a funny, entertaining story expressing how difficult it’s to put intense emotions into words, yet it’s not only funny as it has sweet flirting lines like “Every girl that I meet in a dream can’t compete.” Oh, they all fall far short of you.” Before Gnarfunkel, I didn’t think I could hear a love song and find it that entertaining. The groovy theme is not only because of the writing monkeys, but also because of two other elements that elevate the work to new heights. First, the skilled, amazing vocals tell the story with passion and humor, making the hilarious chorus credible and vibrant. Second, the layered rhythms with the funk, alt-rock sound, and some blues. The harmonica makes the one sway with the guitars that keeps us anticipating from the intro to what appealing melodies we’re about to hear.

It’s not every day that we come across a whimsical piece that expresses something that can make us irritated. Let’s get cynical with “A Million Monkeys” and send it to someone we care about to tell them that a million monkeys on typewriters isn’t enough to show how much we love them.

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Viola Karmy