Photo: Katelyn Anderson

Sweden based soul artist Marius Billgobenson has traveled the music world and the actual physical world from tip to tip…acting as an ambassador for music and humanity, he’s created some highly influential musical content and now he’s hitting the world right in the feels with his latest single “A Little Bit of Honey”.

“A Little Bit of Honey” is the result of two brilliant minds, melding together…Billgobenson and the LA two time grammy winning producer Paul Brown…and what a result.

Infused with jazz, R&B and soul influences, “A Little Bit of Honey“ showcases Billgobenson’s musical versatility and Brown’s production expertise. The track also had insightful help from editor Jaqui Brown and was backed by sought-after session musicians David Garfield, Ron King, Tony Braunadel, Shane Theriot and Freddie Washington.

“A Little Bit of Honey” is chock full of emotions and soul…figuratively and literally, this is a mood setting musical experience…a song that harkens back to the times when music was truly powerful.

The composition, arrangement, lyrics and vocals are all extremely well crafted…this is the music of the masters.

“A Little Bit of Honey” has the capacity to not only change your mood but to change your mindset, change your day…a song that hits the emotional bullseye dead center, on all levels…and the cherry on top is Billgobenson’s vocals and performance, this is one for the history books.

Make sure to check Marius Billgobenson‘s single “A Little Bit of Honey” right away…don’t waste time with this music not inside your soul.

Wishing all the best to Marius and all the great artists involved in this project…can’t wait to hear more of what this team can do together.


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