I Thought Richard Green’s ‘A Lesson’ had a very lengthy introduction when the vocals didn’t come in quite when I expected them to, next thing I knew, the 5-and-a-half-minute long song was over, and it left me sad because I didn’t want it to.

Richard Green is a London-based musician and guitarist who, along with Freddie on the bass and James on the drums, are presenting us with ‘A Lesson’. A guitar and strings-led arrangement that is sweet and soft on the senses. With a deep groove and a slinky bass line (delivered by a university bass teacher no less), Richard Green is left with ample space to lay down his guitars and melodic strings and woodwinds.

Written about a hope Green had during quarantine that humanity would emerge from the other side with a valuable lesson learned, ‘A Lesson’ is a beautiful piece that utilizes Green’s gentle rhythmic guitar playing. With a clean tone and a funky approach, Green’s guitar part fits in with the rest of the instrumentation like a glove, until it becomes time for it to take the center stage with a graceful solo part. The violins deliver more stirring and balanced melodies that provide context in the absence of words.

‘A Lesson’ is a 5-minute lesson in musical restraint and balance. Filled with soothing melodies and timbres, and a soothing composition and a subdued arrangement, it is an immediate delight.