If you’re anything like me, you’ll be immediately categorizing music into two defining cornerstones: Music, and Voice. Where the balance should fall is a very subjective matter. If you favor Music, you’ll gravitate more towards musically intricate offerings from the likes of Tool, Porcupine tree, or softer alternatives such as Enya. If the ball falls for Voice, you’ll be more drawn towards the intense vocal qualities of Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion.

It’s very rare when a group comes along that offers a very unique mix of music and voice that tells you that you, quite simply, don’t have to choose… You have both.

Bones in Butter comes from Belgrade, Serbia. Refusing to be labeled by any genres since their inception in 2019, their music is fresh, simple, efficient, and effective.

A Dystopian Love song asks a question of what would a pair of lovers do at the doorstep of an impending catastrophe. The music asks this question just as much as the words do. Vast roomy mix, with expansive drums that play a solid beat to a light background of shimmery guitar arpeggios, haunting choir vocals and an intricate bassline. Maturity is the defining element, and lots of reverbs. Maturity & Lots of Reverb.

The baritone voice says the words and delivers them musically, not requiring a great deal of effort or talent or “Golden Larynxes”, Simply musical and efficient and plays the role gorgeously. The guitar doesn’t play a great many notes, just a few arpeggios that sit perfectly where they belong. The tones are also airy and fitting. The choir sings a superbly composed line, with an elaborate rhythmic twist that you just couldn’t come up with unless driven with pure passion and love for what you do.

Bones in Butter impressed me as a group of very mature and passionate musicians, whose visions coincide to produce airy, soft, haunting and hard to forget music. And an intimate dance to this gorgeous tune would be great right before a disaster.