Mahogany Frog, an instrumental electronic rock band from Winnipeg, Canada sweeps over our hearts with their new single “A Decision of the Flower “ with emotional music, relaxing sounds and ambient storytelling.

The members, or should I say the artists who craft these mesmerizing worlds are:

Graham Epp (guitar/keyboards/electronics/trumpet)
Jesse Warkentin (guitar/keyboards/electronics)
Scott Ellenberger (bass/keyboards/electronics/trumpet)
Andy Rudolph (drums/keyboards/electronics)

The guys don’t just make music. They make an experience.

Without further ado…let’s get into their latest single “A Decision of the Flower”…

First thing that struck me was the music video…I am such a fan of silent movies.
I don’t know if it’s the simplicity of how raw it was…

So anyway, the music video for “A Decision of the Flower” is using footage from silent movies, trippy visuals…and of course the pièce de résistance….their music.

The track starts out with some electric piano…
…slowly but surely, ambient sounds are swirling around you…
Some extra sound effects are thrown in there to add more depth…
The music flows, it just does.

The synth sounds are pure bliss.
The electric piano is very catchy.

I love the sound choices, very bold, experimental and avant-garde.

The music goes from just pure melodic flow to something else-still electronic-but there are more elements that create beats and groove…and a more aggressive melody…it tells a story, that’s what I felt.

The music along with the video makes a unique mix, matching perfectly, yet 100 years apart, it is a mix of the old and new…and this is quite the experience.

I listened to the song on repeat for quite some time. I felt it put me in a mental state that is way more relaxed than usual…I think this happens when the artist creates something that transcends the art they are making…or maybe a stroke of luck? Or maybe both?

In my experience, “A Decision of the Flower” is a story-telling track that you can interpret any way you like. You listen to it. You decide what the story is.
I would highly recommend Mahogany Frog’s music to anyone who likes to chill to ambient music, or into sound design and lush synth sounds…or maybe fans of just listening to music and letting their thoughts wander…they are unique and they are bold.

You gotta check these guys out.

We are looking forward to more boundary-pushing, avant-garde, and bold music from Mahogany Frog, we wish you all the best in the world


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