In general, the topics of his album reflects his life and his family among other issues that actually relate to anyone, and this is the real beauty of it and it’s very important to me indeed, because nowadays songs reflect commercial and trendy subjects! John has a successful professional career in the field of law as a prosecutor, judge and practising attorney and based on the quote above I see a very strong message that newcomers really complain either about their music career or a business one, still, they can achieve both if they have a real goal instead of just blaming circumstances. I have listened to “A Box For Jewels” several times and I couldn’t find any negative point indeed, although I believe there are many strong points over here, such as his warm, emotive, intimate vocals, charming guitar riffs, over a unique and tight beat that serves the music perfectly. Now, it’s time to check his music below, and I’d recommend checking the rest of the album there are a lot of iconic hits over here. Enjoy!


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Mena Ezzat