The Lunar Keys unleashes their latest rock experience “88 Train”…with the smell of 80s and catchy melodic hooks, they got a very special recipe for a great musical experience…let’s jump in and see how this journey feels like…

From Guildford, UK, the 4 musicians behind the brand The Lunar Keys take us on a very exciting, uplifting and energetic ride on board the “88 Train”, their latest release…first time I heard the song I felt it ended way too quickly, I thought to myself ‘who still makes sub-2 minutes songs?’ but actually it was 3 minutes and 14 seconds…when I saw that, my feelings grew even stronger towards this experience, it really felt so quick, never a dull moment with this one!

“88 Train” is a little genre-bending adventure, really…

It has some of the soaring 80s rock choruses yet sounds very modern with the huge electric guitars…and might I add, the guitars are a bit edgy with a little bit of a bite to its sound…

The very energetic drum beats are also reminiscent of the energy of the 80s, however and once again feels modern…and sounds modern too…with a bit of indie rock feel to its sonic experience.

“88 Train” grew out of the real-life experiences and travels of members of The Lunar Keys and relates to their personal journey in life…

…speaking of the members…here’s the awesome people…

The Steve, guitar & backing vocals 

Lexi, keys & backing vocals

JC, vocals & bass 

Dom, drums

“88 Trains” was recorded by Billy Foster at Snap Studios and mastered by John Davis, at Metropolis…who actually worked on some of the big names including The Killers, U2 and Royal Blood.

The Lunar Keys have been working to create a dedicated fan base for the last 2 years of their musical lives…and let me put it this way…their star is shining brighter every passing day.

They already are nearing 500,000 views and streams, got air on more than 400 radio stations…and 4 of their tracks got to sit on the throne of ‘track of the week’.

We can only wait for the amazing future of The Lunar Keys and keep our ears peeled-if that makes sense for what they are preparing next to wow their audiences…and to build an even bigger fan base.

Wishing all the luck in the world to The Lunar Keys.