A creative Indie pop/rock duo “Rick” & “Jayem” that’s called the “Wotts” band producing together for over a year now, coming from Ottawa, Canada has released a new song on the 23rd of June, 2022 they have collaborated with “The Dessert Island Big Band” in the song “6 Shooter,” Wotts always inventing popping music in the tracks they produce.

The song “6 Shooter” is starting off with groovy guitar playing and awesome beats syncing with their dreamy vocals that are softly bedded into your ears, “Wotts” always have a special lofi vibe in their music with their touch of lush vocals that you’d admire the aesthetic vibes they innovate in their songs. This is the first time to collaborate with an artist on one of their songs that added a new feel to it that has a dope mix that gets you tapping your feet into the rhythm.

“Wotts” has an interesting vibe that is shown in their songs that is so uplifting and drives you all the way back into the 80s like “Domino,” “Sunnyside.” They can’t miss with pleasing vocals, and smooth instrumentation scented with a nostalgic indie-pop aroma. I can imagine some songs playing in a ghibli movie with all the characters dancing around a big tree listening to their songs;

“6 Shooters” is the kind of track that you can just listen to over a cup of tea and work on your project within a coffee shop or a car drive through town. It’s the kind of track that gives you the motivation to get through your day. I can’t recommend this track more!