There are some dark moments that come with the aftermath: staying up late with a shattered heart, fragile soul, and fogged mind. These kinds of times need a companion, and there’s no better companion than music. Make a playlist that fits the mood and embraces you. Put “4 a.m.” by Moonlight Thief at the top of it.

“Moonlight Thief” is a German due that will steal your heart. It’s a school project by two young, promising talents: the 15-year-old Emily Küpers (on vocals and acoustic guitar) and the 17-year-old Alexander Almering (on electric guitar, percussion). 4 a.m. is their first single, and for a first release, they’ve done a pretty good job. The single puts you in the atmosphere of the worst nights after a breakup when you live with a self you don’t recognize; the ghost of your ex is hovering. Emily mastered deep, melancholic lyricism that reaches the deepest, most fragile part of your heart. Perfectly portraying the gloom of breakup and hard moving on with touching lines like: “It’s been a month since I last tried to pick up all the pieces of my porcelain head.”

With a moving, anguished tone, the vocals are both tender and strong. Even if you’re having the time of your life, you’ll be drawn to agony by this sincere voice with a remarkable, soulful performance. The first half of the song is driven by a poignant acoustic guitar, which matches the vibes. Suddenly, it’s a whole band instrumental in the second half. It wasn’t smooth shifting, yet the superb electric guitar solo was a wonderful bonus and in the right place. Both the electric and solid drums aligned with the vocals and lyrics to feel like the fragility is fading and about “one final night we’ll spend together, and then we’ll watch the sun rise,” there will be a breakthrough.

At 4 a.m., when you feel intimate, vulnerable, and alone, give “4 a.m.” a listen.