Gear up! Go get dressed! Grab your ripped jeans, your barrettes, your leather jackets, your lace gloves, mess your hair, and make it go wild. Because, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to rock it all the way back to the 80s. We are going to see headbands, crazy hair dos, eye makeup – the good kind not the mushy Japanese pop singer kind of makeup – tight jeans and ripped shirts, and all in an 80’s rocking party bus coming with lights and smoke.

3D In Your Face plays rock, bringing you their song In Your Face. At first when I heard the name of this song, I expected it to be about attitude, and “the take that” or “shove it” way. You know, the typical everyday song that we hear, the stick-it-to-the-man songs. But no, this is a completely vulgar and sexual song, and that is what Rock n’ Roll is really about, right? Complete vulgarity. It’s not classy and it’s not polite, that is what this band gave, hardcore Rock n’ Roll. I loved it.

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