Do you know these mornings when the sun doesn’t seem to shine and dragging yourself out of bed feels like a monumental task? The Pulltops’s “3-2-1 Go” will turn these days around, getting you to shine ten times brighter than the sun and go places!

The Milwaukee-based duo, drummer Mark Pierret, and guitarist Tom Crowell, form the dynamic “The Pulltops,” mashing a wide range of musical influences, coming up with their own fiery sound, and creating catchy, empowering anthems like “3-2-1 Go.”

“3-2-1 Go” starts with an upbeat intro that sets the mood for something electrifying. Once the vocals kick in, you’ll feel that you’re ready to put your boots on and run till you reach the peak of your wildest dreams. The song is incredibly suitable for your running playlist, as you imagine yourself as the main character of a top-rated movie.

This uplifting song combines the energy of Alternative Rock and Power Pop to create a powerful sound. The retro synth adds a unique twist and perfectly complements the energetic vocals and the cinematic feel. The motivational lyrics work hand-in-hand with vibrant vocals, bouncy drums, and irresistible guitar riffs to create a positive and empowering atmosphere that will get you pumped up.

“This straight-ahead anthemic track is meant to inspire and get you off your feet and ready to take on the world!” The Pulltops said, and they surely did this effortlessly. Enjoy “3-2-1 Go” below and get ready to “feel the burning fire!”