Musical praise doesn’t get much higher than a comparison to Led Zeppelin in my point of view. And this is exactly what I found myself returning to during my multiple listens to this song, how much certain elements could easily fit into a Led Zeppelin song. 

Spyderhuff is a Detroit-based rock outfit that puts out intense rock tunes with classic rock infusions, and their latest offering, titled ‘What You Have’, is the 4th song in their 7-song marathon, a song for each of the 7 deadly sins, this one handles the sin of Lust. The words are spoken, there is no singing here, but that doesn’t stop the words to have rhythm and swagger and be absolutely banging, with the dense southern accent and the dark humor in them. They are delivered via Tom Kuhr, who also plays a hot blues motif on a distorted harp that would fit quite snuggly into a Zeppelin album. The drums, courtesy of Jim Dooley, are also intense and vast with bongos and congas fluidly mixing in with the usual snares and kicks, putting in mind also the heavy, but mathematically accurate, hands of John Bonham. The riffs are fueled and are filled with gnarly overdrive, with chugs and scrapes, they pack a hefty punch. The general composition, courtesy of lead guitarist Joey Gaydos, is pure power blues, taking a page straight out of the ‘When The Levee Breaks’ book.

A passionately mixed song with outstanding confidence and character. It’s rare to see an artist carry out such an impressive feat and remain composed and strongly true to themselves throughout its execution like Spyderhuff Does here. And to that I wait for more and say “Well Done!”


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