Clayton Lancaster

They’re back!! With dynamic energy and a sound eccentric as ever, all the way from Reno, Nevada. Weed N’ Stiff goes way back to 1994 when they first formed the band, a rock and roll duo whose members are James (Jim) Weed and guitarist Dillard (Dill) Stiff. They have a long, rich discography of 10 recorded albums, over 100 songs written, music videos, and even created a documentary. The band’s most recent albums were ‘Buttermoose’ in 2019 which was labeled as the 25th-anniversary album, a year later, they released ‘Rocket Steve’ which had a total of 18 tracks. This year they’re dropping another album ‘Ron’ which is expected to be released on June 3rd. During the process of working on this album, the band released a Nintendo Switch game under their name which was developed by Calgames, and the soundtrack was done by them along with Logan E. Schad. The game’s illustrations and graphic design elements reminded me of Super Mario. They have a wide range of characters inspired from their reality to choose from with a specific and triggering storyline whereas Weed N’ Stiff has a rivalry band called ‘Moo Cow’ which is fronted by lead singer Joe Bobson, along with other characters who stole the essence and keys items from the band’s past that helped them reach their fame. The fight goes on and Weed N’ Stiff tries to take back their essence to go back to being the rock and roll kings they originally were. One of the characters in the game is Benito Mallcooster who in reality is Ben from the band Quizboy, the PR person representing Weed N’ Stiff. 

‘Ron’ is the 11th album for the band and has a total of 15 tracks with 90s-inspired vibes and beats that will take you on a time travel journey. Between the guitar melodies and the range of sound effects used with the focus on synths tunes, the music could sound bizarre and unusual but in a very intriguing way that no doubt catches your attention. Combined with unusual, funny lyrics, the vocal line is unusual, it’s theatrical in its style. It’s a combination between a poem, a recitative, and a song. 

After getting a sneak peek of the album we can easily tell you to be prepared for an unusual encounter and a sound that’s not like anything you’ve listened to before. As for now, if you tune in on the ‘Indie Anarchy’ show on AMS radio, you might get a chance to listen to the unreleased “Squeeze of Cream”, as a taste of what’s about to come next.