Jim Louvau

We have the pleasure to share a 1-on-1 interview with a power trio from the realms of Grunge and Hard Rock: Jane N’ The Jungle.

From Phoenix, USA, Jane N’t The Jungle consists of fierce, dynamic modern rock with 90’s alt and a twist of punk attitude, pulling inspiration from Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, and No Doubt.

With this body of work and the return of touring (fingers crossed), front-woman/songwriter Jordan White, guitarist Brian Dellis, and bassist Bryan Dague aka “Big B”, are poised to be on the radar of every rock fan across the globe on short order.

While we watch them rise, Rock Era Magazine has a few questions where we hope to learn more from them and their new song and video, “Ocean Creatures”.

Questions 1 –General:

  • How did you three meet, and how was Jane N’ The Jungle form?

Brian Dellis the guitarist and I went to kindergarten through high school together and started a garage band and writing music in 2013.  Jane N’ The Jungle formed a few years after our first project.  We met Bryan Dague (Big B) in 2017 while we were playing shows together.

  • Follow up Q: How did you all identify and find JNTJ ‘groove’ (style/genre)?

We all love 90’s grunge music and that is the core of our sound.  There isn’t a sound we try to go for we just play the music and style we like playing and I think that has helped us find our own sound.


Question 2 About Ocean Creatures:

  • The song is inspired by Jordan White’s car accident. We are very sorry you went through such an experience, and praise your valour for turning it into a music experience for your fans and the world.
    So, what made you decide that you wanted to create a song from such a personal and intimidating moment in your life?

Thank you!  At the time it didn’t really occur to me that I was writing the song based on the car accident.  I was writing what felt authentic and real to me in the moment.  It wasn’t until people started to ask what the song was about and where I drew my inspiration from that I had to dig deep and later realized I was pulling inspiration from my car accident.  I like the art to speak for it’s self.  It’s hard for me sharing such a personal experience but if it helps the listeners connect to the song more then I don’t mind sharing and talking about it.

Questions 3 About the video:

  • How was your video live launch at The Viper Room (March 26th)? Was it your first?

It was an awesome night!  We are so grateful for all of our LA support!  We have been playing out in LA and on the Sunset Strip for many years.  We are inspired by the Rock N Roll on the Sunset Strip and love to play our music in the iconic venues there.

  • How did you guys feel? Not just to launch it, but seeing the process from creating something to having people watching it and looking forward to more?

It felt so good to release a piece of art into the world that meant so much to us, and that we had worked so hard on.  It was an even greater feeling for all of the positive feedback!

Review: Ocean Creatures by Jane N’ The Jungle

Questions 4 –General:

  • How have you been coping with the current global situation (COVID)? Has it inspired you or helped to create music?
  • Follow-up: what about gigging live?
  • What do you think this situation has shown or taught you? (If anything).

Early on in the pandemic we knew that we wanting to keep our music alive.  We met every week as a band and would do a livestream for our fans and write music.  It was the only thing that felt normal for us to do.  Our new EP “Ocean Creatures” was written during the pandemic and at a time we wanted to be organic and experiment with our different versions of rock; Alternative, grunge, hard rock, glam rock and pop rock.  We dipped our toes into the genres and now we are working on diving even deeper into our sound.

We recently opened for Sammy Hagar, The Warning and The Dumes at this year’s SXSW and played for a packed house at the Viper Room last month.

Our gigging hasn’t been what it was like before the pandemic but we are working on more upcoming shows.

The pandemic has taught me about patience and to keep working hard for the things that you want.

Questions 5 –General:

  • What are you expecting for this year? Anything lined up?
  • What messages, feelings or emotions do you want your music to deliver to your fans and to people?

We are excited to release more new music this year!  We will be rock’n at the Viper Room again on June 24th and look forward to adding more shows on our calendar soon.  We hope our music can resonate with the listeners and can give excitement, and inspires different thoughts and emotions.