Mariusz Wypych

The latest release from Polish band Snakedoctors is a newer version of their track “Destroyed”, and this time around it features drummer Nik Hughes. The song begins with a chord progression that is slowly joined by a lead melody and it felt very progressive and technical to have two sounds intertwine in such a way that usually only prog bands do. That same progression repeats with distorted guitars and a heavier bassline and pissed-off grunting vocals during the verses, which makes for a very Grunge-esque atmosphere. The drums are thunderous, energetic, and very well produced – the whole sound mix of this track is amazing, to be honest. 

The raspiness of the vocals brings that much-needed emotional kick to the lyrics they are presenting us with, and I really thought it complements the whole garage band vibe that this track has. Added to that, the track somehow manages to be melodic in the middle of all this. You can hear a melody that begins as a lead guitar solo, then stretches out to become the outro after the second verse. It’s not too dissimilar from the main riff/melody, but that’s what makes it amazing. You will love this main melody because it has a refrain that’s so heavy it will start playing on its own inside your head after the track has finished. 

Snakedoctors have made an amazing new version of a track that was awesome, to begin with, and Nik Hughes’ drumming shines throughout the entirety of this short grungy banger that will secure its spot in every listener’s workout or car ride playlist.