Rupert Hitchcox

Reflecting on the chaos and uncertainty 2020 has brought on this world, the British punk quartet Angerland dropped their latest single 2020 Visions on the 4th of November, 2022. With a creative video that uses graffitied-up mask wearers -as described by the band- with the song’s lyrics, 2020 Visions will get you moving and throw you off your seat, let me tell you more about it.

Angerland’s raw sound and punkish attitude perfectly fit 2020 Visions’- and everything related to 2020, to be honest! They opened 2020 Visions with a loud melodic inviting riff that gets the listener immediately on board, before getting into a calmer yet full of anticipation verse with some pretty expressive vocals. I loved how it smoothly progressed into an engaging, singalong big chorus, injecting more heaviness into their sound. 2020 Visions gets more intense as it turns into a loud and clear statement as it moves forward, with Angerland pushing their sound relentlessly into heavier territory with heavy riffing and insanely intense drumming while keeping their melodic core alive with multi-layered harmonic melodies, all in an extremely solid dynamic structure that’ll put you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last note.

2020 Visions clearly shows that Angerland knows how to play with dynamics and melodies in a clever and mature way to deliver the perfect mood and setup for their concept. It shows a lot of character and vision as they tweak melodies and riffs without compromising one’s sound over the other. I’m definitely recommending Angerland to every heavy music fan I know, looking forward to more. Cheers!