Coming out of Northampton, United Kingdom the band Phantom Isle comes out with their latest energetic single “2001”

The band wrote “2001” in memory of their friend Matt Marchant, who died in 2009 after a long battle with cancer, as the lyrics refer to his loss and the effect it had on them.

The song has alternative rock roots sprinkled with industrial synth and sound effects adding an electronic vibe to the mix. Peter Merchant comes in with his golden passionate voice grabbing the listener’s attention with industrial sounds, one strum guitar and disco influenced drum beat backing him. As we reach the middle of the song it switches to an ambient atmosphere with acoustic guitar, ambient synth and female vocals delivering a dreamy vibe with Peter singing in an angelic voice “last night I dreamt I saw you” and as the section ends the drum builds up, while Peter shifts into a harsher tone. After that a bridge comes in with the industrial synth accompanied by female vocals as the drums progresses the song develops a banger outro with a melodic guitar lead line.

As a Muse fan I loved the song’s progression and Peter’s voice as they reminded me of Muse’s old albums.